Security Breach: Phishing Lessons and 'Shifting the Target'

How a global manufacturer learned from past attacks, and the most critical benefit of security tools.

IBM research shows a 33 percent increase in cyberattacks against manufacturing companies between 2021-2022. Of those, according to IBM, 44 percent occurred because industrial companies failed to apply the appropriate software patches. 

With this in mind, it’s not a surprise that additional data from The 2023 OpenText Cybersecurity Threat Report found that manufacturing is the leader in terms of rate of malware infection – coming in at a rate that is more than 55 percent higher than the average for all industry verticals, including healthcare, banking and education.

A lack of endpoint protection via patching, simple firewalls and additional security protocols continue to be issues throughout the industrial sector. Randy Powell, director of cybersecurity at Rheem Manufacturing, a leading provider of HVAC equipment and hot water heaters, discussed all this and more on our latest episode of Security Breach.

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