ZPE Urges Firms to Monitor End-of-Life Servers for Risks

Organizations using end-of-life console servers must reduce their vulnerability exposure and secure their infrastructure.


Fremont, CA, May 3, 2024 — As cyberattacks continue to rise, ZPE Systems, a leader in network management infrastructure, recently acquired by Legrand, is urging organizations to transition to Generation 3 console servers as part of their security strategies. With other well-known infrastructure providers discontinuing support for serial consoles already in use within data centers, communication networks and other commercial and industrial environments, the need to upgrade is paramount.

Console servers are the backbone of remote IT management, providing essential access to network devices and servers. However, using discontinued console servers poses significant security risks. Outdated firmware may contain known vulnerabilities that enable cyber attackers to infiltrate critical systems, causing costly data breaches and operational disruptions.

Despite these substantial risks, many organizations hesitate to replace their outdated infrastructure, citing budget constraints, labor costs and concerns about infrastructure disruption. Arnaldo Zimmermann, cofounder of ZPE Systems, highlights this dilemma, saying, “Organizations face financial constraints when considering hardware upgrades, especially when existing infrastructure seems to be working fine. When you consider the capex, labor costs and time it takes to physically install and configure new equipment, it’s easy to see why organizations say, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’”

To address these challenges, ZPE Systems offers a comprehensive solution designed to alleviate budgetary concerns and streamline the replacement process:

1.   New Cost-Effective Replacement Options: ZPE’s Nodegrid devices enable organizations to secure their management infrastructure with new budget-friendly, Gen 3 console servers.

2.   New Professional Installation & Recycling Services: As needed, ZPE Systems offers solutions for physical installation process and recycling of old equipment, minimizing downtime and ensuring environmental responsibility. 

3.   New Tailored Configuration Services: ZPE’s engineers provide customized configuration services to transfer the old configuration to new systems and optimize the performance and security of the new console servers. 

“There’s a lot of friction in upgrading,” adds Koroush Saraf, VP of Products and Marketing at ZPE Systems. “We’ve heard of customers using outdated devices for years, who won’t replace because they just don’t have the time, money or manpower. Our goal is to remove that friction, streamlining the transition process and empowering organizations to enhance their security posture without the added burden.”

By utilizing Gen 3 console servers from ZPE, customers benefit from 3rd party security validated firmware that addresses Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) as well as hardware security features designed to mitigate cybersecurity threats. Organizations can safeguard their assets, protect sensitive data, and maintain operational continuity in an increasingly volatile digital landscape.

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