ZAG Technical Services Announces New Cybersecurity Offering

The safeguard minimizes the risk a harvest will be interrupted by cyber threats.


ZAG Technical Services, an IT consulting firm specializing in information technology, cybersecurity and data analytics in the Ag and Food & Beverage industries, announced the release of a new service offering promoting cybersecurity strength that is more accessible to growers and shippers.

The new offering is a comprehensive IT Security Review Solution. The cybersecurity assessment is a strategic safeguard that minimizes the risk a harvest will be interrupted by cyber threats. As a result of the assessment, users can expect to learn how prepared they are for a cyber incident, receive assistance prioritizing vulnerabilities and needs and receive assessment results that internal IT teams can address.

The comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Executive report detailing your cybersecurity preparedness status
  • A prioritized list of vulnerabilities that should be fixed
  • Reports that your internal IT team can use
  • Plus, comprehensive pre/post-remediation advice

The assessment provides clients with a clear understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities within their cybersecurity framework. This understanding lights a clear path to improving the overall stability and health of their information technology and therefore, their bottom line. 

β€œIt’s like a routine check-up for your IT, ensuring stability and security during your busiest season," ZAG President Greg Gatzke added. β€œThe average ransomware payout is around $600,000 and that does not include unfilled orders, inability to produce for days and lost business."

ZAG has made the assessment more accessible to grower/shippers by offering multiple assessment levels depending on needs and without additional contracts or commitments required.

The launch comes on the heels of a couple of big months for ZAG being honored by three separate organizations with awards for their work and contributions as trusted technology advisors in agribusiness.

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