Rockwell Automation Outlines Industrial Security Best Practices

Here are three steps for building a comprehensive industrial security program.

Industrial technology continues to advance the way in which manufacturing operates. Businesses are converging information technology and operations technology systems and increasing their use of mobile, data analytics and the Cloud in order to improve information sharing and increase connectivity over an entire organization to improve operations. Of course, this is also creates the potential for more security threats.

To address the increase in security threats, Rockwell Automation has developed a three-step approach for creating a security plan that covers everything from the enterprise to the plant level, in turn, reducing the risk from people, processes and technology.

"We think of industrial security as a layered model and seek to create a unified infrastructure for customers,” said Lee Lane, chief product security officer, Rockwell Automation, in a statement. “Our approach takes into account the connections between network security, as well as the physical security and safety in industrial areas."

The company’s three steps include:

  • Security assessment: Conduct a facility-wide assessment to understand risk areas and potential threats
  • Defense-in-depth security: Deploy a multilayered security approach that establishes multiple tiers of defense
  • Trusted vendors: Verify that your automation vendors follow core security principles when designing their products

No doubt, cybersecurity will continue to be a problem for businesses for the foreseeable future. It’s up to companies to be proactive in their security efforts to avoid damage to their products, reputation and operations. Having a comprehensive plan in place outlining best practices and procedures is a great place to start, but don’t forget to implement the plan and adjust it as needed.

For a free e-book outlining the three-step approach from Rockwell Automation, check it out here.

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