Why Cybersecurity Needs Investment Now More Than Ever

Why cybersecurity needs more investment than ever before.

Cybersecurity is the most important tool for any company operating today. It is the reason that we are not constantly losing data and getting breaches. However, with the technology industry expanding and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) it is becoming a fast concern amongst tech experts.

Many are concerned that there is not enough investment in cybersecurity at the present time. This is a crucial concern as the growth and development of internet-related technologies continues to expand.

The reach of this expansion, as of now, knows no bounds as the Internet is well on its way to every inch of the globe. In this article, we will explain why cybersecurity needs more investment than ever before.

A Shifting Tech Landscape   

One thing has become abundantly clear in the aftermath of the Target and Equifax hacks, we need more cybersecurity. In our personal lives and professional lives, cybersecurity makes it so that we are not under constant pressure with our hair on fire.

However, as the technology industry continues its long march to global interconnectedness, the threat of hacking increases concurrently.

This has a number of contributing factors, but, the largest culprit is the unified goal of IoT. This goal, which is shared by tech giants around the world, is centered around creating a global network that expands accessibility and provides limitless information to everyone on Earth. It is a goal very much worth pursuing. The question is: at what cost?

As the access to the internet expands and WiFi capable devices reach more individuals we must become more aware of this shifting landscape before us. In order to avoid being attacked, we must use our wits and make sure that we are buying safe products such as smartphones and routers. This will ensure that any potential hackers are, at the very least, dissuaded from attacking your access points.

As we continue to integrate more and more technologies into our lives we must also realize that we are creating access points on the fly.

A note on access points: think of them has illicit doorways to your personal life that can come in the form of a smartphone, smart TV, and even a smart refrigerator. Anything in your life that has access to the Internet must be observed at all times because it could be a potential access point. As we are more connected through technologies like IoT and Blockchain, we are also more vulnerable.

Education is the best investment

It may seem silly to say, but, the best way to defend yourself against these hackers is to educate yourself on all of the principles of cybersecurity.

There isn't a magical access point defense system that you can buy, unfortunately, that can completely block against any and all hackers. Instead, one must rely entirely on their skill and understanding of cybersecurity in order to effectively defend against these heinous attacks.

Doing that is much simpler than you might think. There are a number of resources online, created by actual developers, to help you understand all of the aspects of cybersecurity easily and quickly. The steps often have a few simple rules that can dramatically reduce the chance of a successful hack.

These sites and rules can help to provide a basic peace of mind wherever you go online or access private data at home. In this digital age data is money. The most important part of all of this is to know that you are a target.

Better yet, everyone you know is a target to hackers and he or she try day and night to steal your beloved data. Unless you implement these skills then you and your family will be at the mercy of merciless hackers.


Ultimately, cybersecurity needs investment because every industry is a tech company and every person is a data mine. Whether we like it or not, every person is valuable to hackers and digital miscreants. The only way to defend ourselves, and our global brethren, against these hackers, is to invest what we can into cybersecurity technologies and our own education.

Taking the time to understand the issue and buying the right safety products can completely change your data hubs into lockboxes. This issue is only going to grow as access to the internet continues its path to total domination.

The growing audience grows concerns amongst experts that say our cybersecurity infrastructure needs an overhaul in order to keep up with the growing access. There is an effort to push cybersecurity forward but at the end of the day, they need our help. Educating yourself on the principles and being smart with purchases could give the cybersecurity industry the investment it needs to deal with his global crisis.  

Michael Volkmann is an entrepreneur with a focus on business operations and finance.

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