Increased Visibility Illuminates Risks

A new exposure management platform provides expanded visibility into IT and OT assets across the enterprise.

Industrial Cyber Muang

Tenable has announced the release of their Tenable One for OT/IoT environments. The new exposure management platform provides expanded visibility into assets across the enterprise. Tenable feels their latest offering provides a response to technological connectivity that is simultaneously increasing efficiency and automation, as well as the size of the OT attack surface. Features of the platform include:

  • Extending visibility beyond IT, to include OT and IoT, to gain a clearer picture of exposures across their entire attack surface, prioritizing security risks and providing insight into how these risks create attack paths across the infrastructure.
  • A view of global exposure, including OT assets, to see how an enterprise's security posture compares to other companies in their industry, and gain additional insights from their OT assets in making better decisions more quickly.
  • Coverage spans IT assets, cloud resources, containers, web apps, identity systems, OT and IoT assets.
  • Building on deep threat intel, regulatory compliance and vulnerability expertise, as well as data from Tenable, and adds data analytics to prioritize actions and reduce cyber risk.
  • Risk intelligence to mitigate operational risks, and improve actionable planning and decision making across enterprise and critical infrastructure environments.

“On a daily basis we witness threat actors finding creative ways to disrupt businesses through non-traditional paths. Risk doesn’t end at IT. For those that rely on physical computing technology, OT and IoT often power their most business-critical activities. Any disruption is extremely damaging and often results in an inability to function,” explained Amir Hirsh, SVP and general manager of OT Security, Tenable. “We understand that OT environments require a different approach from IT and we’ve designed our security solution so teams no longer have to choose between cybersecurity or productivity. They can have both.”

The Tenable One for OT/IoT license includes not only Tenable One, but a companion license of Tenable OT Security and Tenable Security Center. More information is available at

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