Security Breach: The Stealing, Extorting of Your Competitive Advantages

How a rise in supply chain-focused phishing schemes is squeezing manufacturers from all sides.

Supply chain management has always been a priority for the industrial sector, but over the last three-plus years, its importance has been elevated for numerous reasons. The problem, from a cybersecurity perspective, is that as soon as an operational area starts to garner more attention, it also becomes a hotter target for hackers.

This bullseye on the back of supply chains is exacerbated by their very nature. Disrupting the capabilities of a manufacturer, for example, also impacts suppliers and distributors. Hitting a retailer with an attack negatively impacts production and delivery partners, placing greater stress on the victimized link in the chain to potentially comply with extortion or ransomware demands.

Elise Manna-Browne, director of advisory services at Novacoast, a leading provider of cybersecurity intelligence and response solutions, is all too familiar with this dynamic. She joins the show to discuss how to prioritize risks and identify hackers like Industrial Spy and RansomHouse, while empowering employees and addressing partner pressures when facing a cyber attack on your supply chain.

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