Whiskey Fungus; 'Excessive Alcohol' Beers; Musk's Electric Future | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 109

Also on the podcast, Rolls-Royce tests new B-52 engines, Scout reborn as EV, VW's vehicle tracking issue, new airplane landing tech and the company that makes inflatable tanks.

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The Today in Manufacturing Podcast is brought to you by the editors from Manufacturing.net and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Scout Motors Has $2 Billion Plan for Nextgen EV Trucks, SUVs - @2:31

Another iconic automotive brand is set to reemerge in an EV rebirth. Scout Motors has announced plans to build a $2 billion manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Rolls-Royce Testing B-52 Replacement Engines - @14:14

Rolls-Royce has begun testing replacement engines for the Air Force's B-52 fleet.

Musk's Fully Electric Transportation Future Has One Exception - @23:06

At Tesla's recent Investor Day, CEO Elon Musk provided a glimpse into where Tesla is heading and what the future of electric transportation holds.

Beer Recalled for 'Excessive Alcohol' - @36:20

Your Mates Brewing Company out of Australia had to recall its Watermelon Sour Beer for 'excessive alcohol." The cans had to be pulled after undergoing secondary fermentation.

Jack Daniel’s Ordered to Halt Project Over ‘Whiskey Fungus’ - @43:43

"Whiskey fungus" recently shut down construction on a new Jack Daniel's warehouse in Tennessee.

In Case You Missed It

VW Refuses to Enable Vehicle Tracking After SUV Stolen with Child Inside - @53:33

The VW representative refused to enable the tracking because the free trial had expired.

FAA Says Technology Will Help Avoid Some Dangerous Landings - @59:22

It lets incoming planes know that they are aimed at a taxiway instead of a runway.

Inflatable Tanks: Inside the Company That Makes Decoy Armaments - @1:02:15

Inflatech is a Czech company that makes more than 30 different inflatable military decoys: tanks, aircraft and howitzers.

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