Dutch Won't Dismantle Bridge for Bezos Super Yacht

The bridge is seen as the only way for the boat to reach the open sea.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has commissioned the world’s second largest yacht – the Y721 – but there are questions over when it will be put to use.

In February, it was revealed that a century-old bridge in the Netherlands would need some modifications to accommodate the height of this boat.

The bridge is currently standing between the open water and the shipbuilder, Oceanco.

Initially, the plan was to temporarily dismantle the bridge in order to make way for the 131-foot masts.

Oceanco was reportedly planning to pay for bridge modifications, but there was some outcry over the plan.

According to the New York Times, a group of locals went so far as organizing an event where people could throw eggs at the vessel as it passed.

But recent reports quote Rotterdam’s mayor denying that the bridge will be dismantled for the passage of the Y721.

Since it is the only way for the boat to reach the open sea, it remains to be seen how the yacht will be moved from the manufacturer.

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