Arlington, Va. – The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) Foundation released its latest nonpartisan report, Myth-Busting American Manufacturing. The report debunks four pervasive myths about U.S. manufacturing:

  1. U.S. manufacturing is in decline,
  2. Manufacturing is a poor career choice,
  3. U.S. manufacturing isn’t needed, and,
  4. Manufacturing is unduly harmful to the environment.

“Manufacturing has been a hot topic for politicians on both sides of the aisle for quite some time,” said Stephen Gold, chairman and president of the MAPI Foundation, and president and CEO of MAPI. “This report removes the rhetoric and provides economically-sound analyses of manufacturing’s role in the U.S.”

The report addresses many pressing issues for manufacturers such as job loss and job gain.

“Manufacturing employment is complex and often misunderstood,” added Gold. “U.S. manufacturing employs 9 percent of Americans with a narrow definition of manufacturing. However, its value chain comprises over 30 percent of U.S. manufacturing-driven employment if you include upstream and downstream activities such as R&D, marketing, transportation and logistics, and so on.”

The analysis also shows that manufacturing is a stable industry with competitive employment opportunities.

“Manufacturing is a more stable sector than other private sector industries. Manufacturers also provide longer average tenure for their employees and spend more on benefits,” noted Cliff Waldman, chief economist of the MAPI Foundation.

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