DETROIT (AP) — Siri, the helpful voice of the iPhone, will work for drivers of two small Chevrolets starting early next year.

Drivers of the Spark mini-car 1LT and 2LT models and the Sonic subcompact LTZ and RS models will be able to tell Siri to do a limited number of tasks through the cars' infotainment systems, Chevrolet announced Tuesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Drivers will be able to use Siri to make voice-activated calls to contacts in their phones, play songs from their iTunes library, listen to or send an iMessage or text message, access their calendars and ask simple questions, Chevrolet said in the statement.

General Motors, which owns Chevrolet, said it is rolling out the iPhone link in the small cars because connectivity is a top priority for their buyers.

How it works: Owners can link their iPhone running on iOS 6 to the MyLink radio via Bluetooth, then use steering wheel buttons to begin and end sessions with Siri. The system will work in "eyes free" mode, meaning the phone screen won't light up and distract the drivers.

While in that mode, Siri will not answer complex questions that require a web page to be displayed, the company said.

Chevy already has a MyLink radio system that can be powered with most smartphones on some Spark and Sonic models, the Cruze compact in Europe and the Trax crossover in international markets, but it's limited only to making calls. Owners of those cars can get software upgrades so they can use other Siri functions.

GM is looking at expanding the feature to more models in the U.S.