In an effort to better streamline its business processes and more rapidly respond to the needs of its regional and national customers, Alabama-based Royal Sausage Company, Inc., sought a new and more effective way to electronically track its materials from receipt to shipment.

The mid-sized processor, distributor, and broker of smoked meats and food preparations previously used an EDI system and manual processes, such as spreadsheets and handwritten documentation, to manage all of its business processes. However, in order to better meet auditing requirements of its customers, the company wanted to implement one easy-to-use system to handle those processes.

Royal Sausage eventually decided to license DEACOM’s Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Software system to help accomplish its goals. Furthermore, Royal Sausage also required a system that could innately handle catch weight management. As a food and inventory software system designed specifically for food processors, DEACOM manages all areas of a business, including recipe management, accounting and financials, purchasing, lot and inventory control, sales order entry, quality control, and production – all in one system.

Sam Capps, President of Royal Sausage, explained his company’s choice of DEACOM’s ERP system and food inventory software system, and why his company moved away from its previous methods of managing business processes, in a brief interview with Manufacturing Business Technology.

What were some of the drawbacks to using a separate EDI system, and manual processes (spreadsheets and handwritten documentation) to manage your business practices?

It’s just so time consuming and, because of a margin of error, you have to do a lot of re-checking to verify your information.

What were some of the characteristics Royal Sausage was looking for in an ERP software provider?

We knew that we wanted something that would streamline our processes and increase our overall efficiency and productivity.

What about Deacom’s integrated accounting and ERP software system, as well as the food inventory software system, made them the right choice for Royal Sausage?

DEACOM was the all-in-one solution that provided us with what we were looking for. It was also beneficial that we knew what our cost would be now, as well as in the future. Side note, Deacom offers guaranteed, fixed pricing for its entire ERP solution, which includes software, implementation, professional training, and technical support.

What are some of the benefits Royal Sausage expects to get from implementing these technological solutions?

We fully expect that DEACOM will make it easier to track lots from the receiving of raw product and supplies, going though production, to loading on trucks and shipping to our customers, while capturing product data and employee data to more accurately calculate costs.

Royal Sausage is expected to complete the implementation of the DEACOM system in October, 2010.

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