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Buying America Back

July 2, 2012 11:42 am

Alan Uke, the San Diego entrepreneur who created the federal smog index for automobiles, is declaring the week around the Fourth of July as ‘Buy American Week’ and urges all Americans to do their patriotic part to bolster the American economy by buying goods made in the United States.

Networking Solutions That Minimize Arc Flash Exposure

June 29, 2012 1:24 pm | by Randy Durick, Director, Network & Interface Division, TURCK

In applications that require frequent access to equipment or controls, knowing and understanding the safety solutions available to mitigate the risk of arc flashes is crucial to continued productivity.


Addressing Power Challenges In High-Altitude Applications

June 29, 2012 11:37 am | by David Rakovsky, COO, GlobTek

As electronic systems migrate deeper into systems that may present changing situations during the operating lifecycle, the designer must remember to address every facet or risk compromising product performance in certain situations.


Beyond The White Glove Test

June 29, 2012 10:03 am | by Mark Hoffman, PE, PMP, SSOE Group

Efficient dust collection systems and easy-to-clean production equipment require a holistic approach to their design.

Pactiv Reduces Waste And Grows Sales With MVT

June 26, 2012 12:39 pm | by QualPro

MVT, or multivariable testing, uses a specialized set of mathematical and statistical formulas to streamline hundreds of ideas for improving business into a manageable cluster that can be live-tested in various combinations within a short amount of time.


Equipment Lease Finance Industry Confidence Lower In June

June 25, 2012 1:09 pm

Overall, confidence in the equipment finance market is 48.5, down from the May index of 59.2, reflecting growing concern over the European debt crisis, U.S. unemployment, and regulatory and political uncertainty.


Five Ways to Choose An Asset Management Solution For Your Small Business

June 21, 2012 10:43 am | by Wasp Barcode Technologies

If you’re new to asset tracking or just not sure where to go from there, here is a list of factors to consider when you’re trying to find the perfect asset management solution for your small business.

End Of The Line

June 19, 2012 1:15 pm | by Maverick Technologies

Dealing with end-of-lifespan issues related to distributed control systems is an unwanted task for any manufacturer. How are they supposed to proceed with that task in today’s ever-changing and increasingly complex manufacturing business environment?


Pneumatic Conveyor Provides Competitive Edge For Expansion

June 18, 2012 1:50 pm | by VAC-U-MAX

Sticky powders present manufacturers and processors with unique material conveying challenges involving volumetric auger fillers that dispense powders, granulars, and flakes for packaging.  Enter a pneumatic conveyor.


Heineken Brewery Looks To Beamex For Calibration Management

June 15, 2012 2:41 pm

For a new Heineken plant, there was a need for a tool that would make the calibration work easier, store all calibration results, show the calibration history trends, and provide quick access to calibration data.


Five Capabilities That Mid-Sized Manufacturers Need To Build

June 14, 2012 3:32 pm | by Mindy Fiorentino, SAP

A mid-sized manufacturer needs to do the following five things right, so it can continue to successfully compete and maintain its growth rate.


Five Reasons To Offer Financing To Your Customers

June 14, 2012 2:28 pm | by William G. Sutton, CAE

Many equipment manufacturers and vendors have learned the benefits of equipment financing as a way to acquire equipment for themselves.


Fork Authority

June 12, 2012 4:24 pm | by Anna Wells, Executive Editor, Manufacturing Business Technology

There’s more to the forklift story these days, as functionality improves and dealers and aftermarket parts providers help guide users towards better safety and maintenance practices.


Talent Management Solution Yields Fruitful Results

June 7, 2012 4:45 pm | by JP Guay, Regional Manager, Halogen Software

Any given business faces predictable situations and a myriad of unexpected twists that derail the best laid strategic plans. Processing company Sun-Rype wanted a nimble organization where employee performance is a key business priority.


The Present And Future State Of M2M Communications

June 7, 2012 4:32 pm

Stein Soelberg, KORE’s Director of Marketing, recently spoke with Manufacturing Business Technology about the company, the emerging field of M2M communications, and the future of M2M technology.


Redirecting Resources To Growth And Innovation

June 7, 2012 10:50 am

HP Managed Print Services (MPS) was initiated by General Mills to streamline and support its key corporate initiatives. By simplifying print management using HP Managed Print Services, General Mills is saving more than $1 million per year—more than a 50% reduction compared to its pre-MPS cost per printed page.

Finding Sources Of Rare Earths Beyond China (Part 2)

June 5, 2012 12:59 pm | by H. Sterling Burnett, Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

The United States can create jobs, reduce dependence on foreign resources, and improve national security by encouraging the domestic exploration and production of rare earths. The first step is to improve access to potential sources.

The Benefits Of A Good Memory – And Rugged Performance

June 5, 2012 11:53 am | by Jim Moore, Freelance Writer with WordJones, Portland, OR

Which would you trust more to keep track of your company’s physical assets: a human’s memory, or a computer’s?


ISM: Manufacturing Is 'Resilient'

June 4, 2012 5:10 pm | by Mike Schmidt, Associate Editor, Manufacturing Business Technology

Resilient and strong are two of the best words to describe the current state of manufacturing in the United States, at least according to the May Manufacturing ISM Report On Business.


Finding Sources Of Rare Earths Beyond China (Part 1)

June 4, 2012 3:38 pm | by H. Sterling Burnett, Senior Fellow, National Center for Policy Analysis

Despite the name, rare earths are relatively abundant in Earth’s crust. Unfortunately, these elements are seldom found in economically exploitable concentrations, except in the People’s Republic of China.


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